Regional Quantum Initiative

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Applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications received and acknowledged by FedDev Ontario before closure will be assessed in the order they are received, subject to remaining funding.

Quantum science is the study, manipulation and control of systems at the atomic and subatomic level. It can lead to transformative technologies in fields such as computing, sensors, secure communications, and advanced materials development.

Quantum technology is at the leading edge of science and innovation, with enormous potential for commercialization. In addition to helping transform the Canadian economy, quantum technologies have the potential to help advance a wide range of benefits for Canadians, including the design and delivery of new medicines, vaccines and next-generation batteries; more efficient and secure supply chains and digital communications; and the creation of new, greener products and approaches to model, track and forecast climate change.

Program objectives:

As part of the Government of Canada's efforts to develop a National Quantum Strategy (NQS), FedDev Ontario is delivering the Regional Quantum Initiative (RQI) in southern Ontario. Over $23 million is available over six years (2022-27) to help companies advance and commercialize their quantum products and solutions for domestic and global markets.

As one of four regional hubs of Canadian expertise in the field of quantum technologies, southern Ontario is well-positioned to transform research into products and processes. Our region has strengths in quantum computing, materials, sensors and imaging, communications and cyber security, along with a robust network of innovation and business development supports. The RQI will build on the success of FedDev Ontario's past quantum investments to further accelerate the development of the sector and drive product development in this world-class quantum ecosystem.