Demonstrating prosperity at GH Manufacturing

  • Program: Prosperity Initiative
  • Funding recipient: GH Manufacturing Inc.
  • Region: Belleville


[Opening sequence]

[Text on screen – FedDev Ontario, Road to Success]

[Text on screen - GH Manufacturing Inc.
Belleville, Ontario – Founded: 2000]

In 1985 Proctor and Gamble decided to change packaging for Pamper diapers from boxes to bags.

[Günther Huettlin - President, GH Manufacturing Inc.]

We have the experience in Germany for Pamper bags and we could go in this business, and I made the first Pamper bags in Canada. And this was running in 1998 and I sold this plant.

[Text on screen - Original plants circa 1985 – 1998]

You know, I thought retirement must be beautiful – sitting on your boat, to go fishing – and have your peace, right?

I was so bored after 4 weeks and I started a new plant.

In 2011, P&G asked me, do you want to make bags again for us? And this was a big challenge, because they have special bags – a special small one – and nobody could make this while working on their packaging lines, right? So I said, yes I can do this, but I have to invest.

And that was a time when we were coming to FedDev – successful – and we got a nice loan and this made it possible to invest in the three high-speed lines.

And we could modify the lines especially for this very small bag, right? And this was a success.

Now today, we make roughly 70 million bags a year

[Text on screen - Revenues up 34% from 2012]

We have more employees with this line – I think we have created 12 new jobs.

Manufacturing I think is a very, very important part for a country.

And manufacturing is suffering, right? So FedDev – this money coming in, it gives a great input for investment to create new business, new jobs. So I think this FedDev is really very, very important. 

[Text on screen – Follow us @FedDevOntario]

FedDev Ontario funding is a great input for investment to create new business, new jobs.

Günther Huettlin - President,
GH Manufacturing Inc.

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