John G. Wilson Limited

FedDev Ontario: Improving Productivity

Region: Princeton

[Bruce Seeley – President and CEO, John G. Wilson speaking to the camera].

John G. Wilson was established in 1953, and it has been a metal fabrication company supplying the industrial markets of Southern Ontario predominantly.

John G. Wilson, has not been removed from the suffering of the economic downturn. We've been impacted by plant closures and by discontinuation of product lines by our customers. So we through the assistance of FedDev, have implemented an ISO registration enterprise resource planning module upgrade, a rebranding through IT systems, and expansion of our offices.

The expansion of the facilities allowed us to hire more engineering resources, and coupled with the ERP and the ISO, we are attracting a new technology-based customer base in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical, diagnostics and technology-based products.

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