Transcript—Broadcasting with innovation at Dejero Labs

Region: Waterloo

[Opening sequence]

[Text on screen – FedDev Ontario, Road to Success]

[Text on screen – Dejero Labs Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario – Founded: 2008]

I got asked to put internet access on an election bus a long time ago and I figured it out – managed to put it on there – and the clients were pretty happy with it and ended up using it all across Ontario quite successfully, and that's how it all got started.

[Bogdan Frusina – Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dejero Labs Inc.]

Dejero is a content management platform. It acquires, manages, delivers and distributes video. We do it cheaper and much better than other technologies  – traditional technologies.

One of the coolest things we've done in the past was working on the 2010 Olympic torch relay. CTV had asked us to help them out because traditional technology wasn't going to cut it. So using cellular technology – because it's mobile – allowed us to actually transmit that, and we brought it to every Canadian home. It was one of the most amazing experiences.

[Text on screen – Photo: Heritage Canada]

I love what I do here at Dejero. I am fortunate enough to work with an amazing team of individuals – creative, very smart.

Together with our customers and our partners, we are able to foster new ideas, we build relationships that are long lasting in this industry.

Starts ups always have a challenge. One of the challenges is funding, and it's difficult to find.

[Text on screen – 25 high-quality jobs created]

[Text on screen – 46 jobs maintained]

However, FedDev Ontario allowed us to find the adequate funding and allowed us to grow as a company to just over 100 employees soon, over $20 million in revenues – it's been a really good experience and really, there's no shortage of opportunity at Dejero. It's more like being wise about what you do with the money and how you are going to go forward.

I'm really looking forward to the next stage. We are growing into new markets, expanding internationally. Of course with that comes new challenges, but since I don't believe in the impossible, there's always ways to figure it out. That's the spirit of an entrepreneur! So I'm really excited about the next thing and the next stage for Dejero.

[Text on screen – Follow us @FedDevOntario]

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