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FedDev Ontario actively works to advance and diversify the southern Ontario economy through funding opportunities and business services that support innovation and growth in Canada’s most populous region. 

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Simone Sherriff

“In my role, I get the opportunity to inform the public about the many programs and services we provide for businesses. I work with organizations across southern Ontario - from Niagara to Rockland - meeting many wonderful people along the way. I tend to seek variety and excitement in my jobs, and FedDev Ontario has certainly provided that to me.”

– Simone Sherriff, Business Officer

Alana McCluskie

"I’m really impressed with the amount of support and opportunities offered to both students and full-time employees. I’m excited to work for an organization that has a meaningful impact on our surrounding community!”

– Alana McCluskie, Co-op Student

Christos Bakalakis

“One of the things that struck me immediately upon joining FedDev Ontario was how passionate the employees were when it came to the economic development of southern Ontario communities and the financial wellbeing of its people.”

– Christos Bakalakis, Director

We're making a difference in southern Ontario!

At FedDev Ontario, we work with communities, businesses, not-for-profit organizations and other levels of government to strengthen southern Ontario's economy. We are headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario with offices in Peterborough, Ottawa and Toronto.



Paulette Prentice: FedDev Ontario is a federal department responsible for pursuing the economic growth of southern Ontario, including job growth, working with small businesses and working with not-for-profit organizations as well.

James Meddings: Our mandate is to support and grow the economy of southern Ontario by working closely with businesses, as well as key stakeholders in what we call the "innovation ecosystem".

Craig McClelland: We are out there in the community. We are getting to know companies. We are getting to know people. We are getting to know organizations and then trying to take that back and you know do match making where it make sense. You know, it may be a small company that spun out of university five years ago, now they're making major sales to global companies and hiring like crazy. It's yeah, I really feel like we have an opportunity to make a difference here.

James Meddings: The work we do here at FedDev does make a difference and makes a huge difference for the citizens of southern Ontario. That is a distinguishing characteristic of a small regional development agency like FedDev Ontario.

Daria Andreev: Everyday is different. It's never boring.

Justin MacDonald: We all work together. We're all in the same team. It's a lot of fun.

Josephine Gyamfuah: Sometimes we have like improv dance meetings.

Sarah Popkey: Potlucks for holidays. We have a Christmas party, where we bring in the kids and show them what we are doing here. I really like that.

Jean-Philippe Chartré: In fact, my work is really nice. It allows me to work in both languages all the time, which is something that I greatly enjoy.

Daria Andreev: A place that has filled with ideas, it's a place that makes me engaged and happy every single day.

Julie Cyr: It's a new building, with new desks that are ergonomic. They raise, you can work standing up, you can work sitting down.

Fiona Robertson-Clark: I like the open space. I love that. I love being able to see my colleagues. It's not just big cubicle walls where you can't see anyone.


FedDev Ontario enjoys a vibrant, inclusive and diverse work force, committed to excellence. Our employees are proud to work for an Agency that encourages a culture of ownership, where employees feel engaged, empowered and have a personal stake in the impact of their work. Working at the Agency also offers a unique opportunity for staff to work directly with recipients and stakeholders to see first-hand the impact that their work has on the ground across southern Ontario.

Work in economic development



Sarah Popkey: FedDev Ontario is an economic development agency based in southern Ontario and we work with businesses and not-for-profits to help stimulate the economy.

Justin MacDonald: We help business out; we help business out with our programming.

Craig McClelland: We are out there in the community. We are getting to know companies. We are getting to know people. We are getting to know organizations and then trying to take that back and you know do match making where it make sense. It's provided a lot of different opportunities to do many different things in many different areas for me. I have worked on infrastructure, water technologies, medical devices, now I am working with aerospace companies, you know, companies that are making satellites, companies that are making airplanes, companies that are making drones. It's just a real variety of experiences and things that we get to see.

Justin MacDonald: The work is really challenging, it really utilizes my financial skill set and my relationship skill set, being able to go out there, interact with businesses and business leaders.

Craig McClelland: Definitely it's challenging but rewarding, and you know the harder something is, the better the reward feels I think, when you accomplish it.

Paulette Prentice: I chose to work at FedDev Ontario because it's a small organization in comparison to other federal departments. It's the hands on application that's unique to FedDev Ontario. Instead of building the policy directive behind a program, you are actually implementing the program itself and seeing it come to fruition.

Julie Cyr: The other day, I took my son to the arena for his hockey game. As we went in, we saw a poster on the wall about an infrastructure program. I showed it to my son and told him "Look, Mom works for the agency that provides funds for the renovation of the arena!"

Hamish McEwan: I funded a project that meant a lot to the community and I went on the site visit and I got to walk through it. Just meant a lot to be able to see firsthand what our dollars are doing.

Justin MacDonald: My favourite part of the job is going out there and seeing how our projects really have impact on businesses.

Craig McClelland: You know it may be a small company that spun out of university five years ago, now they're making major sales to global companies and hiring like crazy. It's yeah, I really feel like we have an opportunity to make a difference here.

Justin MacDonald: And I know when I go home and I am making a difference with my job and being able to help create jobs and help businesses grow in southern Ontario. That for me is rewarding.

Sarah Popkey: I count jobs created month over month. I count leveraging of dollars. I find investment attraction and I can measure that immediately. I feel that impact every day.

Craig McClelland: The size of the agency, the particular work that we do, our ability to make decisions quickly and to meet recipients and clients and sort of get out on the ground and see what we are doing tangibly, I think is very rewarding.

Paulette Prentice: If you are debating on working for FedDev Ontario then I definitely think that you need to take a leap and join our team. We have unique opportunities, we have a very strong positive culture and we have an environment where everyone can pursue their career as a federal public servant.



Work in human resources



Josephine Gyamfuah: FedDev is an Agency that promotes the southern Ontario economy. I choose to work at FedDev for many reasons; one of them is the opportunity to work within different disciplines within human resources.

Jennifer Hallman: I have new challenges every day, and I get an opportunity to work with all kinds of different people, so that's one of the things that I love most about my job.

Josephine Gyamfuah: Previously, I have worked in other large departments, and you only see one aspect of what you do. At FedDev, you see various projects within operations, as well as within corporate human resources.

Andrea Smart: I can learn from doing labour relations files, performance management, talent management, never a dull moment. It's something new and exciting every day.

Jennifer Hallman: There's a lot of room to grow in terms of careers, particularly in HR. I think one of the great things about working with a small team is that you can see the work that your colleagues and superiors are doing on a daily basis.

Andrea Smart: We have an amazing team, very competent staff, very close-knit because we are such a small Agency, it's a very supportive environment and I think that for anyone who really wants their voice to be heard, and have their suggestions or their thoughts move up the chain and be heard at a higher level, perfect place for them is FedDev Ontario.

Josephine Gyamfuah: For someone who is thinking about coming to work for FedDev, I would say that FedDev is a great Agency to work for.

Jennifer Hallman: This is a small organization where you really have the opportunity to have close working relationships, not just with your colleagues and your superiors, but also your clients as well. You get to know people more than just, you know, beyond a job title. You get to know about them as people, and for me as an HR advisor, that's why I became an HR advisor, to work closely with people and get to know the human side of them. So for me, I would say if that's something that interests you, you should come, come and join us. Come work at FedDev.



Work in finance



Daria Andreev: FedDev is the place where I come to every morning, and it's a place that's filled with ideas. It's a place that makes me engaged and happy, every single day.

Vimal Gopal: I like working in a smaller organization, and I also enjoy working in the public sector, and this combines the best of both worlds. It's big enough that there are lot of different elements, different functions, and different parts you can get involved in right, but it's small enough that you actually have a chance to impact change on a lot of different levels.

Robert Chen: I think working in the finance department is great because I get to kind of see the whole picture of the Agency. I am kind of aware of how all the moving pieces come together and how strategic decisions are made.

Daria Andreev: We support the needs of people who deliver programs and we get to see how the Government of Canada operates, from the release of the budget to seeing a real impact on the Canadian economy.

Robert Chen: I worked here in the past as a student intern and I found my time here very enjoyable. My bosses were very engaging with me and it was very accommodating to my lifestyle. Work is very flexible, but also fast paced.

Vimal Gopal: I think the culture here is such that it's small, you get your hands in a lot of different things, and if you are looking to build unique experiences being in a place where you get to touch of lot of different files is one of the most important things in the early stage of your career. I find this is a place that lets you do that every day.

Daria Andreev: Do you want to be part of an innovative, diverse and highly professional team?

Robert Chen: You have to come and visit us. I think if you come here and talk to us like even for an hour maybe, you won't want to leave.

Daria Andreev: Take the leap, move your career forward and apply for a job at FedDev.



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