Funding for businesses in southern Ontario: How projects are assessed

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4. How projects are assessed

Projects are assessed based on the information provided by applicants. Although FedDev Ontario may engage companies directly on outstanding questions or issues, applicants are advised to submit a complete and thorough application.

Assessment criteria

Complete applications are reviewed and assessed based on multiple criteria, including:

  • alignment with intake priorities
  • expected results of the project
  • degree to which the project supports new or expanded initiatives for your company (i.e., incrementality of the project)
  • quality of the project plan and budget, including contributions of project partners and ability to repay
    • factors to be assessed include managerial, technical, operational and financial capacity
  • degree of risk

In addition to the quality of your application, FedDev Ontario reserves the right to base funding decisions on the breadth, representation and diversity of its projects.

Applicants will also be assessed for their compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements. Intellectual property (IP)-intensive projects may be assessed for the quality of their IP strategies before funding can be offered. Refer to the Application Guide for more details.